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  Look Out For That Tree  
  by Cindy Parroné |  

It’s the time of year that many hunters enter the woods seeking that trophy buck. Deer camp plans have been underway for months. The tree stands have been strategically placed. For deer hunters in Illinois, archery season has already begun, and firearm season is starting soon.

As a hunter, are you really prepared for your annual pilgrimage? How are you planning to get from deer camp to your tree stand? If your answer is an ATV or UTV, do you have insurance? As an insurance agent from a hunting family, I would like examine the issue of whether or not you have appropriate insurance coverage.

Many ATV/UTV owners insure their vehicles because they are expensive, and they may still be making loan payments on them. In this case, insurance is required by the lender.

Does the policy cover a four-wheeler if it is driven on someone else’s property? Not always. What about the items you are transporting on the ATV? Are your gun, bow, sunglasses, etc. covered? Not usually. Did you haul your all-terrain vehicle to your campsite? Is the trailer covered? There are policies available that provide this coverage for a reasonable price, but you need to know to ask your insurance agent about it.

ATV accidents make the evening news more frequently because so many of them result in fatalities. Obstacles hidden beneath the leaves, unexpected drop-offs, carelessness and impaired driving can all be contributors to ATV incidents.

When collisions occur during hunting season, the situation can escalate exponentially. First, riders typically aren’t wearing helmets. Second, since you are driving off-road in a remote location, it can be much harder for emergency responders to reach you even if someone is able to report the accident. When you purchase ATV/UTV insurance, you should consider investing in medical coverage for yourself and any passengers.

The thrill of the hunt is something to be enjoyed. To give you additional peace of mind, contact us at Diederich Insurance to review or find coverage for your ATV or UTV. Best of luck harvesting a trophy deer, but watch out for that tree!


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