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  Auto Insurance News  
  by Cindy Parroné |  

One of the newest trends in auto insurance is referred to as “Pay How You Drive”. The concept of this rating system is that the less time your car is on the road, especially during hazardous periods such as late night and rush hour, the less chance there is of having a claim. Drivers with smooth braking and acceleration habits are less likely to have an accident than those who burn rubber or slam on their brakes. In order to earn these discounts, a small device has to be plugged into a port on the car itself. Some companies’ measuring devices are more complicated than others. Some devices include a GPS tracking feature, which allows parents to monitor teen driving and the insurance company to more easily find a stolen vehicle. As drivers reduce the amount of time they spend on the road to get these savings, they also reduce their carbon footprint and gas usage, which is an additional benefit.

At Diederich Insurance Agency we have three carriers so far that are offering “Pay How You Drive” rating options. Progressive has the “Snapshot” program, and the Hartford now has “Right Lane”. Neither of these has the GPS. Travelers has upgraded “Intellidrive”, and it does have the GPS. If you feel that you are a good driver who could earn some of these additional discounts, please let Patty or I know prior to your next renewal, and we will get you set up.


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